5 Tips for more efficient solar panel usage on the Gold Coast

Efficient Solar Panels

Solar panels are known for their ability to provide energy without necessarily polluting the environment. Apparently, the world is advocating for energy sources that are friendly to the environment due increased global warming. To be part and parcel of this initiative solar panels are the best source of energy to be used in homes on the Gold Coast.

Here are 5 easy Tips for more efficient solar panel usage on the Gold Coast:

1. Use of energy saving bulbs

This results to efficient use of the charge generated by the solar panel. Energy saving bulbs are both economical and efficient, this is due to the fact that they effective utilize energy and yet providing better lighting to an individual.

2. Proper location

Locating a solar panel in a place that the panel is exposed to long duration of sun light .This ensure that the maximum energy is generated during the day time to meet the household night energy needs , As sunlight is the key aspect that enables the panel to generate energy that ensure maximum sunlight exposure.

3. Good energy management

Every household has the responsibility to ensure that energy using equipment are turn off if not in use, this maximizes the amount of energy that the solar panel generates during the day. This also increases the solar panel service lifesaving cost for the household.

4. Proper insulation

This minimizes energy needs of the house leading to few electronics in the house resulting to few energy requirement, this means that the energy produced is more efficiently used for longer duration of time. Use of air conditioners in home is a large consumer of energy and through use of effective home insulation removes their need and in return reduces consumption of energy which is directed to other purposes.

5. Proper installation

This ensure no default occur and minimizes the risk of damage of the solar panels increasing their service life and thus providing individual return for their money. It also ensures proper functionality of the panels providing for maximum energy generation.

If you are interested in new solar panels on the Gold Coast, you should give the guys from FCSolar.com.au a call. They are always reliable and have been in the solar business for many years.

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How I found a reliable solar system contractor in Perth

Just like choosing a painter or a window installer, getting the right solar installer in Perth WA can be quite a difficult task. However, this shouldn’t be a reason for you to get nervous when you need the services of a solar contractor because with just a few simple tips, you can be able to get hold of the right one. Keep in mind that getting a solar installer is no different from selecting other home contractors. So, if you have just purchased solar panels and you need to get them installed,here is how I found a reliable solar energy system contractor in Perth.


A solar panel is something that can stay on your roof for as long as 35 years, but whether it functions well or not is influenced by the job done at the time of installation. In most instances, getting a reliable Perth solar installer may cost you more than working with contractors who have just started out on the job. Thus, before you pick any service provider, you should do your homework; get a number of estimates so that you only spend where it’s worth spending. Take a few hours, or as much time as you need to get the best price and contractor for the job. As you do this, you should remember that the lowest priced installer is not always the best, but this doesn’t mean they are all swindlers either -this simply denotes that you have to look beyond pricing when searching for an installer.


There are many companies out there all competing for your attention, and even as some aim to truly give you value for your money, others just want to make a killing. With this in mind, you have to be very careful when looking for a contractor. Ideally, whoever you settle on should have a contractor’s license from the building department. You can contact the local building department to get information regarding such kind of licensing. By doing so, you can be confident to assign the installation task to a qualified contractor.


When you have already invested so much in obtaining a solar panel, you do not want to risk losses by going for someone who will provide sup-par parts and poor workmanship. Thus, regardless of the choice you make, you must factor in the contractor’s experience. It’s always advisable to work with solar installers who have been on the job for a while. Whenever possible, you can get references from previous clients so you are certain of the kind of contractor you will be dealing with. Other than that, the preferred contractor should let you know whether or not they will involve any subcontractors. Such factors notwithstanding, the installers must have the electrical knowledge to complete the job effectively.

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How to NOT build a fence around your house

A dream of many is to own a beautiful family house on a fenced block of land. Although the real challenge is the construction of the actual house, the fence is similarly important, giving us a sense of privacy and protection. Sometimes a bad, unfitted fence can ruin the whole experience that comes with owning a piece of land. That’s why I’d like to share with you a short list of 5 tips on how to NOT build a fence around your house, based on what I have observed looking at common mistakes of others.

The first important thing is to evaluate the size of your land that you own and the area that is covered by the house on it. It’s not unusual to see people who overestimate the size of their land and build a fence way too high to properly cover their garden from the eyes of neighbors and people passing by. Why? Because, although the small lawn will definitely be secured from the intrusion of others, it is often also “secured” from the sun, and so claustrophobic that it is no longer a pleasure to spend time there. Same comes for a live fence, sometimes too thick and way too tall for the small piece of land that it’s on.

new garden fence

Another mistake, which is also caused by improper measurement, is failure to stick to the border. Don’t do that, especially on the side which you share with your neighbor. Incorrectly erected fence is a common cause of arguments between people who are supposed to live next to each other in peace. You see your neighbors almost every day, it’s good to be on good terms with them.

Even if you do measure your land properly, don’t forget to check the zoning law in your area – there can be certain rules regarding setting up a fence which you don’t want to break – if you do, you will probably have to dismantle it and set it up again anyway, unless you were lucky and didn’t break any of them – but just do it before you start doing anything, it’s really not worth the risk.

A quite visible mistake that many people make is failure to anchor down the posts. It’s not easy to fix a leaning fence because, usually when it starts to do so, you have no other option than to set it up again from scratch. Check how deep you have to dig before you plan your whole fence. And don’t dig too deep so that you don’t dig into underground utilities. If you can’t go too deep on the posts, don’t space them too wide.

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How to build an SMA inverter without expert help

Much has been written about building wind generators at home to offset the cost of power and more notably to decrease the need for power production at utility plants thereby helping the environment. Many of the plans that are offered up show the potential builder how electricity can be produced. The issue however is not how to “make ” electricity for many potential buyers. I have seen many articles written on this subject, many claiming wind generators can be built for 100 dollars or less. This type of “marketing” has led to much confusion with consumers in the wind energy community. I would like to make two points with this article.

It’s exceptionally important that you perform legitimate site visits before outlining the framework, so that you know the roof that you’re managing.

Performing high caliber and productive site visits is completely basic to the achievement of profitable and all around outlined solar projects, particularly private undertakings .

In the first place, you have to figure the size of the SMA inverter. It’s a decent dependable guideline to estimate the inverter,based on the rated AC continuous output, to get some 80% smaller then the rated STC output of the array.

Second, you know the units of max modules fitting on the roof. Presently, you should start string sizing. String sizing is the unit of modules that we will apparently be connected in parallel or series prior to connecting them to to the SMA. The size of our strings will decide the voltage and amperage that is inputted into the SMA inverter.

At the point when string sizing, the objectives are:

Ensuring not to supply the SMA inverter with an excess voltage, which will destroy it – Max string length.

Make beyond any doubt that you can ALWAYS give the inverter the enough voltage to turn on, given the array is getting some good solar – Minimal string length.

These calculations are commonly finished with some programmed software or done with an inverter maker’s string sizing device. Here are three alternatives:

Solectria String Sizer, Advanced Energy String and SizerFro.

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Newbie guide on building a water heating system

A Solar water heating is the commonest and easiest water heating system that a newbie can build. It does not require any special skills or knowledge. The process also is simple, no complexity in the steps to follow or in the requirements. Homeowners only require roof tiles, water heaters and other appliances that are solar energy powered to build the water heating systems for domestic use.

These elements work together to make the home more cost efficient in terms of energy consumption and at the save time help save natural resources.The solar heating system utilizes solar panels or tiles put on the rooftop. There additionally solar heating gadgets that can be used to warm the water for the home use. The Water heating system through the solar panels should be possible utilizing different rooftop top sunlight based tiles or boards.

These absorb solar energy during the day hours and change it into energy for the home. During the time spent warming Water for the Home use, there are two distinct sorts of gadgets, the inactive and passive. The useless devices are not circling pumps and controls to move the water around and hit it from the sun.

The passive sun based heating frameworks for water has these gadgets and are a more efficient warming application as a rule.

Sun based water heating gadgets ought to be protected to avoid heat misfortune. Place the sun based boards in an open spot where there is the excellent access to direct sun beams. Join the tanks to the wellspring of the produced vitality from the sunlight based boards.Solar heating applications for water radiators come in one of two tank sorts.

One contains a reinforcement framework inside of the sun based capacity. The second type moves the warmed water into a capacity territory to spare vitality while keeping the water heated. The cycle between the two tanks guarantees that there is boiling water dependably.

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